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We frequently field questions on how we do all that we do and if we hire help.

Frequently Asked Questions:


We no longer sell our beef.

We run a small-scale farm (~100 acres) and in a region of the country where real estate is expensive, and farming is not well-supported. We don’t receive any farm subsidies. Our style of farming is more time intensive, though more sustainable in the long run.

We are concerned with the myriad of labels and the murkiness, too. We won’t try to explain what they mean here, only to describe what we do. We look to our customers to be our certifiers.

CHICKEN/LAYERS- An FCI certified animal-product free feed of roasted soy, cracked corn, other grains and minerals. Full outdoor access on pasture, rotated at least weekly. Eggs gathered, washed and refrigerated daily.

BROILERS: We brood day old chicks in our special brooder house then we will them move out to our pasture schooner which is a moveable greenhouse type structure. Fresh pasture daily. Animal product, antibiotic, chemical free grower/finisher feed containing soy, corn, wheat, minerals and vitamins. We process our broilers in a state-of-the-art facility designed for humane treatment.

Chickens will gather up to 10% of their diet from grass and grass appears to offer many health benefits for chickens. We marvel at how happy chickens are on pasture! Young shoots, bugs, grubs and sunshine make for happy chickens!

E-mail us to order ahead, or ask us about using our more common cuts.  

The orange yolk comes largely from beta- carotene, an important vitamin (Vitamin E to be exact) an important anti-oxidant. Only with a diet containing living roughages will you see beta carotene mobilized into the fat of eggs (and in the meat in beef cattle, too!). Orange yolks = very healthy eggs! An older egg (months old) will lose water and shrink inside the hard shell and separate from the shell leaving a small space. With our hard-cooked eggs, try cutting the egg in half and scooping them out with a spoon instead! If you are intent on easy hard-cooked eggs from us, then store them for at least a month. We’ve tried all the tricks- vinegar or baking soda in the water with VERY mixed results!

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