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Our farm is nestled in the upland hills of Worcester County with mineral rich soils and abundant rainfall, which can sustain a wonderfully productive mix of grasses and other grazable plants. Our patchwork maze of fences, fields and pastures will look different every week. All of our animals are frequently moved to new areas to allow the grass to recover and receive the sanitizing and renewing effects of the sun and rain.

What we produce

  • Pasture reared and grass finished premium beef
  • Free range broilers
  • Free range eggs

About the farmer
Dave brings in a variety of skills and philosophies to farming. With a keen eye on how all the natural cycles affect one another, Dave brings his powers of observation, patience and critical thought to integrate grass and grazing animals within the many deep cycles of Nature. Dave is an avid student of the biological nature of life, and works hard to further refine and improve the farm. Dave is very sensitive to issues of animal welfare, environmental health, energy conservation and independence, consumer health and economic sustainability. With an eye on balance along with formal training and experience in biology, chemistry and animal and plant science, Dave can meld science and craft together toward a healthy and respectful end: wholesome, clean and healthy food.

Thank you for the opportunity to supply you with the freshest, cleanest food possible!

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