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Free-Range Broiler Chicken $4.30/lb -Available end of July-
4 lb - 5.5 lb broiler/roaster chickens raised in fresh pasture and on natural grains. Whole and frozen, no giblets.

Free-Range Eggs $5.50 per dozen

Grass Finished Beef
No growth promotants, antibiotics, grains or confinement.
Individual cuts are vacuum sealed, flash frozen in clear plastic.

Lean and Clean Ground Beef: $7/lb; 1 lb/pkg.
This is hands down our most versatile and value priced cut! From meatballs, chili and meatloaves to your own special burger recipe- this item can't be beat!

Julie from Barre cannot get enough ground beef- "we eat it many times every week!"

Flavorful and convenient beef patties:
4 oz., 4 per pkg; $8.00 ea.
6 oz., 3 per pkg: $8.00 ea.
Want true all natural beef flavor in a minutes-to-the-table convenience that cannot be beat? Every cook should have these on hand for those hectic evenings when a good meal has to happen in mere minutes or for a cookout that will shame any boxed hamburger pattie!
This item is a favorite at the farm; we run fast and we need a fast meal often.....and oh, the flavor!

All beef, no nitrate added linked sausages:
NEW! Mexican-style Chorizo, 3 links/pkg; $9.00 ea.
NEW! Kielbasa, 3 links/pkg; $9.00 ea.
Hot Italian, 3 links/pkg; $9.00 ea.
Sweet Italian, 3 links/pkg; $9.00 ea.
Add this item to your barbecue menu or grace most any dish with these uncommonly tasty treats!

Fran from Littleton, MA loves our sausages- "great flavor!"

Cube steaks from the round; $9.00/lb.
A thinly sliced steak that has great flavor and is tenderized to make this cut a great eating experience in many recipes. Trim them up into strips or bite sized cubes for stir-fry or a steak sandwich with grilled peppers, onions and melted cheese!

London Broil steaks; $8/lb.
These steaks are from the round- noted for flavor, but is extra lean and can be easily overcooked. This cut responds extremely well to a marinade with either lemon juice or herb infused vinegars. Make kabobs or a braised dish with your favorite vegetables.Take care to slice across the grain when serving.

Top Round Steak; $9lb
All of our roasts are best suited for slow moist heat cooking methods like pot roasting or braising. Place any of our roasts in a crock-pot cooker with red wine or stock when you go to work and add some of your favorite vegetables just before serving. Then Voila! A super tasty and fork tender meal is awaiting you and your hungry family!

Flank and skirt steaks; $10/lb
These under appreciated cuts can unleash uncommon flavor in a braised beef dish. Roll up a flavorful cheese and cut across the grain after a quick visit to the broiler or grill.

Boneless Sirloin steak, NY style; $54/lb
Some of these lean steaks can run close to 30 oz. and are fairly lean, so to best enjoy them, take extra care to not overcook them.

Sirloin loin strip steaks; $19/lb
This boneless cut comes from the most tender sections of the loin and are among the most prized grilling steaks. 10-14 oz.

Boneless Rib-Eye steaks; $18/lb
This steak sports extra fat for fuller flavor! 14-17 oz.

T-Bone steak; $20/lb
A premium grilling steak with a bone; many attest that the meat is sweetest and most tender next to the bone! We agree! 15-17 oz.

Porterhouse steak; $22/lb
In our opinion, this is the very best steak to be had....period! A bone-in steak with the best of the sirloin and the tenderloin in one steak! Awesome flavor and fork tenderness with a sweetness only the bone can add! 14-18 oz.

Tenderloin steak; $28/lb
THE benchmark for mouth watering tenderness! These are incredible! 10-16 oz.



All prices are subject to change due to input cost volatility.

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